A Quality and Dignified Education for all of our Students

  • Public Safety – I believe that every Californian has a right to feel safe in their home and community.  We must be smart on crime. While every chance at rehabilitation and reintegration into society must be provided, we need to be tough on those who clearly pose a threat to our community’s safety. We can’t fudge statistics to provide a false sense of security. People need to go to work assured that their families are safe and that their homes aren’t being burglarized.
  • Education – The success our state has experienced in either agriculture or in the tech sector has been as a result of the investment in our state’s public education system. However, we are facing a crisis. As a school board member and as a parent, I hear the reports of the shortage of teachers and substitute teachers, firsthand. We must dedicate the attention and resources necessary to fixing our education system not just from the state, but by working with the tech community to grow talent locally. We must rise to the opportunity of building our children into the future workforce of Silicon Valley, where the next big breakthrough will happen and not elsewhere.
  • Housing – We face a housing crisis here in Silicon Valley. The workforce that keeps the economy moving forward is priced out of the market.  We need to develop solutions that will allow our workforce to not only add to the economic vitality of our community but also to live near the communities where they work.  Asking people to commute hundreds of miles is not a sustainable solutions to our housing crisis.  We must bring state, local government, and business together to address our housing crisis.
  • Good Government and Transparency