A Quality and Dignified Education for all of our Students

  • Clean and Open Government – Over the past two years, Alum Rock has gone through a crisis.  The public has lost trust and confidence. I will bring transparency to the way in which the board conducts its business and ensure that the people of Alum Rock receive the good government they deserve.  This will be accomplished by ending unwise contracts and getting the district focused on provide a quality and dignifies education for our children.
  • Quality Comprehensive Education -Reverse the declining enrollment in Alum Rock School District (ARUSD) by making ARUSD a district of choice.  This will require a continued investment in our teachers and staff and the development of programs that give the community what it seeks, a quality and dignified education. Ensure that we continue to make progress towards our goal of  %100 proficiency and that we reclassify our English Language Learners as soon as it is reasonably possible.
  • Teacher/Housing Crisis – We face a housing crisis here in Silicon Valley. Our educators aren’t immune from the crisis that others are facing. The workforce that keeps the economy moving forward is priced out of the market.  We need to develop solutions that will allow our workforce to not only add to the economic vitality of our community but also to live near the communities where they work.  Asking people to commute hundreds of miles is not a sustainable solutions to our housing crisis.  We must bring state, local government, and business together to address our housing crisis.  I seek to use some of our land develop housing that will in-turn allow us to attract more teachers.